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Under pressure, or even stressed out from not being able to grow your IT business?  Tried advertising, recruiters, referrals and nothing seems to be working as you'd like?

We get it.  We know that it is proving more and more challenging to find great employees who are a fit for your company. We get that what makes YOUR job harder is finding a trusted recruiter who has expertise in finding such employees and who will understand YOUR requirements and will deliver on time. 

Here's the thing: We don't fill vacancies - we build businesses.

Who do we help, and how do we fix your staffing problems?

With 13 years' experience recruiting in the IT industry in the Netherlands, we know what we are doing.  Recruitment is 100% of what we do.  As a Hiring Manager, MD, Operations Manager or similar, we estimate it could be just 5-10% of yours. You cannot do this alone.

We've placed, on average, 15 IT Consultants per year, mostly in IT roles, but we also place support roles in IT companies whem our clients request our expertise in doing this.

How do we take your pain your recruitment problems away?

Using the very latest recruitment software and tooling which we have chosen to invest in, we find the relevant talent through various methods.  

We use our communication and interpersonal skills, market and geography knowledge to get them to you.

We manage the entire process for you from qualification to start date, and beyond.  Post-process is vital for us to ensure you are entirely satisfied with the service you have received. 

Why not see what our customers say?  Take a look at our testimonials.

At Advance in IT, we are hugely proud of our brand and reputation of excellence. With our Business Solutions background, we think outside the box and work with companies as an internal recruiter, often advising on strategy when required, rather than just another recruitment agency.  We are not a fan of KPIs yet we get results when we focus on people.  

Who is our typical customer?

We choose to work with small and medium sized IT businesses in Holland focusing on a form of cloud technology, who work in an agile way, are innovative or ground-breaking and who we would be happy to work for.  Culture is vital when we choose our customers.  If we don't 'get' your culture, we cannot recruit for you.  We are passionate about everything that we do. 

Our typical clients are:

Google cloud consultancy, AWS Consultancy, Data science Consultancy, Mendix Consultancy, RPA companies, amomg others. 

As we get to know your culture and business it is easier for us to also find the non-IT personnel such as HR, Admin or Finance. 

What is our fee structure?

We usually work on a flat fee basis to keep things simple.  We can work to a percentage of the basic salary too. We are not the cheapest, or the most expensive, but we do have an agile way of working ourselves, so can tailor payments solutions to our customers' needs.  

Please note - if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys, and after 13 years' of doing this, we charge in accordance to our market expertise. 

​​Our formula:

Relationships + technology + expertise = results (great hires)

The small print that we shouldn't have to say, but just in case you're not sure:

  • We won’t headhunt from your company or your business partners. 
  • We have your reputation at the front of mind at all times.
  • We promote your brand in the market.
  • You’ll be a valued customer rather than just a company we are blindly sending CVs out to.
  • We undertake the first stage of the screening process on your behalf saving you time assessing them. 
  • Our ratios of CV to placement are very low usually with a maximum of 3 CVs to a placement.
  • We don’t use the mainstream job boards. We are more thorough than that.  We know that we have to carefully cherry-pick the requested candidates rather than rely on them coming to us. 

Our candidates are:

  • Of the highest of calibre.
  • Speak excellent English (If not Dutch).
  • Briefed fully before being submitted, before and after interview and at all stages of the process.
  • Dedicated to your brand.
  • Carefully selected by us.

Finally found the solution to your recruitment problems? So what's next?  Get in touch.

We start off by arranging a Zoom call or face to face meeting at your office to really understand your business – the culture, your vision and how your people will make you more successful.  If you have had issues recruiting previously, we will look at how to fix them before commencing a search.

Got an urgent vacancy? Struggling to find the right candidates?  Complete our quick and easy form to submit a vacancy to us to see how we can place those great candidates with your company:

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