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Google’s Dutch Data Centre Investment Tops Nearly $3bn

The Local Urbanist

João Marques Lima Google

On the 24th June 2019, Data Economy released an article written by João Marques Lima, about the amount of investment Google is making to it's Dutch Data Centre.


In just over two years, the company has heavily invested in the region both in the building of data centre facilities and in expanding its renewable energy sources.

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has unveiled plans to invest a further $1.1bn in expanding its data centre capabilities in the Netherlands, bringing the total CAPEX in the country to $2.85bn.

The Alphabet Inc. business arm will use the $1.1bn to build a second facility in Agriport, just 30 miles north of the capital Amsterdam.

The expansion budget also includes the build out of Google’s first data centre in the country located in Eemshaven.

Joe Kava, vice president of Google’s Global Data Centers, who has recently been awarded iMasons Sustainability Champion Award at the Datacloud Awards 2019 in Monaco, said in a statement that the Netherlands are an attractive location for its “ample sustainable energy sources”.


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