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Shelli Gafan Testimonials

Testimonials like this genuinely give me a buzz when I can see what a positive impact I play in people's lives: 


"I highly recommend Shelli based on my experience with her. I just entered the Dutch market coming from Hungary a couple of months ago and she was assisting my future company in the recruitment process. She was my first point of contact and while I found her to be consistently proactive, very pleasant and professionally caring her passion for her profession and her dedication just fascinated me. To see someone being that highly skilled and professional like Shelli dealing with people the way she does after spending many years in her profession it just gives the most important support that anyone can need from a recruiter which is the confidence. She made me fall in love with the company even before my first interview and she made sure that I would attend it without any insecurities. Both that employer and employee will be lucky who will have the chance to work with her. I wish you at least the same years of experience that you already have in recruitment in the future because we need people like you in business." 


Thanks, Jennifer Sastin! I know that you will only excel at Collins Foods through your ambition and determination!